Today’s Late Afternoon Collapse

I sent an email to my ex (the one who broke my heart at the picnic table) about a week after our relationship fell apart. He didn’t reply and I assumed that he probably wouldn’t – but I had things I needed to say to him regardless.

Ya’ll. I just opened my email and boom. There it was. Two minutes before I had logged on, his reply had landed in my inbox. It has been WEEKS.

I honestly feel like I’ve been kicked in the stomach and I’m trying really hard to remain calm because I don’t think I can fucking handle this right now, not even a little bit and now I am so scattered. Do I reply now? Do I wait? Do I reply at all? Should I finally just let this fucking go and let this amazing man move on to someone who can love him in the way that he needs? Do I drive to his house? Should I take a Klonopin?

10/10 currently losing my shit. In desperate need of a hug.


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