Bihhh! Summer is here!

After what seemed like an eternal winter, finally the dam has broken and sunshine and pollen have flooded the Queen City. Of course as I write this we’re in the middle of a damn thunderstorm, but its still like 80 degrees outside. Bless. This past weekend was spent in sundresses with bare, dirty feet and last night I was in the tiki-torch surrounded pool as the moon was out.

Charlotte in the summer is something to see. People flock to rooftops and patios all over the city, wedges and chubbies (those god awful shorts) are fucking everywhere and I’m already bracing myself for the pizza or unicorn shaped pool float pictures to flood my Instagram feed. The bugs are out too now, in full force. I’m debating getting one of those little bedroom canopy things to hang on my porch so I can sit out there at night without constantly swatting away the swarming Amazonian level insects.

I’m pretty stoked on this summer though; it’s full of travel and music and friends and obviously a few beers here and there hehe. I want to do some heart work too, to get my spirit back and start seeing the promise every day holds again.  I’m really going to try to squeeze all the juice out of the season – until it runs down my hand like a melting King of Pops.